What is BioGeometry?

Dr. Ibrahim Karim
BioGeometry Archetype Pendant

BioGeometry: The Science of the Energy of Shape

BioGeometry is an environmental science that utilizes the energetic qualities inherent in shapes and geometric forms.  These shapes and design principles have been developed to replicate and amplify a highly beneficial subtle energy quality found in nature – an energy pattern found in all Centers and energetic vortices – and to interact with the earth’s energy fields to produce balancing effects on biological systems.  This subtle energy quality (known as the BG3) is at the core of the forming process in nature and is responsible for maintaining the harmony within energy structures of all types of biological systems.  Many of the principles, procedures, and tools associated with this field were developed and patented by Dr. Ibrahim F. Karim, D.Sc. of Cairo, Egypt over the last 23 years.


The core of BioGeometrical work is the ability to utilize these emissions of vital energy to transform a living space or a biological system into a more balanced and Centered state. These energies can be measured radiesthesically, and are produced by BioGeometric shapes, colors, sounds, and movement patterns. The applications of this science are extraordinarily broad and involve projects in architecture, agriculture, vitalizing living and working environments, supporting health and healing, and the transformation of the harmful biological effects of electropollution and geopathic stress. They can bring balance and vitality into the energy systems of the body, a home or work environment, or the energy lines that move across the surface of the earth.  Research into these BioGeometrical phenomena have yielded some fascinating insights into the nature of the energies involved in balancing biological systems and sustaining health in a world that is becoming more polluted and stressful.


Shapes and their impact on energy systems have been known throughout the ages. Ancient cultures possessed this knowledge and constructed their temples, their cities, and their public buildings to enhance the vitality, creativity, and spiritual consciousness of their citizens. Sacred symbols are shapes that not only have symbolic value, but also emanate energies that facilitate a connection to spiritual life. Ancient monuments were constructed on sacred sites and locations on the earth that had special energetic qualities to transform consciousness. Certain body shapes and movements are still practiced in many cultures to access alternative realities.


BioGeometry offers a deep understanding of these phenomena based on Dr. Karim’s research into the energetic qualities of shape.  Modern BioGeometry is a blend of knowledge from his work as an architect and Egyptologist, his study of the European schools of Physical Radiesthesia, and both recent and ancient understandings of the physics of resonance and harmonics.


The Foundation training course in BioGeometry will provide students with an opportunity to learn these principles and procedures and change their environments in ways that enhance their health and well-being.


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