Products to Support Energy Systems

These devices are designed to be worn on the body and support human, animal, and biological energy systems.  They are all emitters of the Centering Energy Pattern (the BG3).  The medallions also carry hundreds of BioSignatures that resonate with the organ systems.  They are most often worn as jewelry.



BioGeometry Sterling Silver PendantBioGeometry Gold Toned Pendant

BioSignature Medallions

These are the latest versions (2019) of the BioGeometry Medallion.  This new design also includes a cut-out center with a channel that emanates the energy qualities of the BioSignatures into the wearer’s energy field.  (1.5” diameter)  Comes with a clearing plate.




Available in:    Sterling Silver     (left / $190.)        Add to Cart

Yellow Bronze    (right / $95.)         Add to Cart





‘L’ Pendants

Wearing an ‘L’ places a strong emanation of BG3 in the energy field of the body. The ‘L’ is one of the simplest, but potent, shapes in the BioGeometry tool kit.  This pendant is often worn with other jewelry or with the BioSignature Medallion to further increase the level of BG3 emission.  The ‘L’ pattern can be purchased as jewelry to help balance the body or as stickers to balance materials.

BioGeometry Gold Toned L 90° Pendant

BioGeometry 90° L Pendant Sterling Silver



90 Degree Gold Tone (left / $24.)        Add to Cart


90 Degree Sterling Silver (right / $42.)         Add to Cart







BioGeometry ElectroStress Pendant

Electrostress or Migraine Pendant

This pendant is also known as the “Migraine Pendant”. It was designed by Dr. Karim to help balance energetic disturbances and pain in the head caused by electro-stress.

(1.5” long)


Available in:  Sterling Silver ($55.)          Add to Cart







BioGeometry Human Archetype Pendant

Human Archetype Pendant

This remarkable pendant is based on many years of intensive research in which Dr. Karim discovered the Energy Grid which was known and used in the Ancient Egyptian Temple Science. This grid holds the Geometric Energy Coding of the human being and is reproduced into a wearable form in this Human Archetype Pendant. This pendant resonates with the fundamental energy grid of the human energy system. (2” x 1 1/4”)  Comes with a clearing plate.


Available in lucite ($40.)           Add to Cart







BioGeometry Divine Name Pendant

Divine Name Pendant

This is one of the ‘Divine Names’ Pendants whose shapes reflect the energy qualities associated with the Names of God.  The Name of God for this pendant is known as  ‘The Compeller’ and resonates with the quality of strength to continuously heal all things at all times.


Available in Sterling Silver  ($55.)         Add to Cart







BioGeometry Subtle Energy Balancing Pendant

Subtle Energy Balancing Pendant

This pendant is part of the General Balance set of BioSignatures. Its function is to contribute to ‘Universal General Balancing’ of the person’s energy system and resonates with the subtle planes as well as the physical body.


Available in Sterling Silver  ($75.)           Add to Cart








BioGeometry Silver Ring

BioSignature Rings

These rings contain a large number of BioSignatures and, like all the emitter pendants, are designed to bring BG3 and organ system support to the wearers energy system.  These rings are slightly adjustable as you can see from the photo.  Comes with a clearing plate.




Available in Sterling Silver:  ($119.)

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