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Michael Maley, PhD, LP is a retired instructor for BioGeometry Energy Systems, Ltd. of Cairo, Egypt. and Montreal, Canada.   He trained with the founder of BioGeometry, Dr. Ibrahim Karim.


In addition to his Ph.D. in psychology, Michael Maley has a B.S. in Physics from MIT and a B.S. in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the College of Chinese Acupuncture, United Kingdom. He is the author of Living in the Question: An Exploration of Formlessness, Change, and Healing. 1995. Bodysmart Publications; and a co-author of The Book of the 8’s: Energy Patterns and Self-realization. 2000. Blue Dot Press. He is an international teacher in somatic psychology, personal transformation, and energy healing. Michael is a licensed psychologist in private practice in the Minneapolis area. He has been involved in energetic practices for spiritual development and healing for over 40 years. For the last 30 years he has traveled the world visiting sacred sites, shrines, wilderness areas, and pilgrimage sites in Europe, Asia, Australia and throughout North and South America.


Creating Healthy Spaces was founded in 2003 and for over a decade offered training seminars in BioGeometry, seminars in the healing of natural and created environments, consultations for balancing homes and offices, and creating sacred spaces in working and living environments.