Environmental Balancing Consultations

You can contact us with questions about how to use these products in your home environment.  We can provide some recommendations for both quantities and applications of the products.  Our primary focus is on helping those students who wish to balance their own environments and learn this fascinating energy science.  


Why Balance Your Home?
Michael Maley, Ph.D.


We are not at all separate from the spaces that surround us, and the quality of the environments we spend the most time in—our homes, bedrooms, and working offices—can profoundly affect our moods, our energy levels, how quickly we recover from stress and illness, and the kinds of interactions we have with others.  These resonances with the spaces we visit or inhabit occur whether we are aware of them or not—the effects are immediate and testable, and over time, deeply impact us in ways we often attribute to other sources.


The energetic qualities of a home or office environment are quite different from its cosmetic and design features—they are the most important ingredient in the ambience of a space.  As you might have experienced, a room might be quite beautiful and tastefully decorated, but not feel right—not a place where the residents tend to congregate.  A bedroom might be well appointed, but not provide restful sleep, or an office might be fully equipped, but not an easy space in which to concentrate or be creative.  A home might be located on a plot of land that completely erases any positive contribution from its design or materials. When you notice these effects, you are responding to the qualities in the environment separate from how the spaces might look.  Qualities can easily surpass design and decorations in their effect on the body, they go deeper in their impact, directly connect to the energy system of the body, and because they are often not easily felt, are ignored, endured, and normalized—often to the detriment of our health.


Energetic qualities fall on a continuum from being vitality enhancing or extremely harmful to us, and everything in between.  Rarely are they completely neutral.  The natural earth qualities like earth, air, fire and water, qualities fundamental to natural systems, are mostly life-positive—when we are in natural environments we feel good, and they bring balance to the body.  The qualities associated with the color spectrum have an immediate effect on mood and are instrumental in healing.  Spiritual qualities like compassion or beauty have similar effects—they lift our spirits, alter our consciousness, and encourage our connection to each other and the world around us.  The goal of any work with environments is to remove toxicity and add positive qualities so the residents and visitors benefit from being in the space.


The purpose of Home Energy Balancing is to create environments where you live and work that are vital, balanced, and supportive of the energy and creativity of the inhabitants of those spaces.  Most home and work environments fall far short of that ideal, and either contain energy qualities that are detrimental to health, or lack the qualities that enhance life and provide balance to the body.  The most common sources of detrimental energy qualities that affect home environments include electromagnetic fields, geopathic stress (earth based sources), harmful emissions from products and materials, and negative emotional imprints from the activities that have taken place in the environment.




The “electromagnetic web” is a major new energy system on the earth and forms a part of all the other global interacting energy systems.  The figure below (1) shows how much the various forms of electromagnetic energy have now dominated the frequency spectrum and bathe the body in an energy field that we have no evolutionary experience with.


In the last few years, there is an increasing body of evidence that suggests that prolonged exposure to EM fields, even at low intensities, has a detrimental effect on health.(2)  Data is accumulating that show that cell phone radiations affect the brain, EM fields around the head affect sleep, living close to power lines can create health problems, and most exposures to common household items like hair dryers, appliances, ovens, and computers can easily exceed the recommended levels.  Most of this research deals with the effect of specific frequencies on biological functions and each of the different sources of frequencies is being researched as to its effects on our bodies.  What is still not known is how the fields from all these devices can interact together and create additional harmful energetic interactions with body functions.  With many urban environments becoming wired with cell phone facilities, the EM fields continue to grow and affect every person within the range of the towers.  For many individuals, the fields are becoming too strong for the immune system to handle the load, and the precursors to illness, like fatigue and irritability, become common experiences.  EM fields, as a source of toxicity, add together with other stressors to our energy system, and begin to drain the energetic resources of the body.  If the home is not a refuge from these exposures, there is no place where recovery is possible, and our overall level of health suffers.


Geopathic Stress and Earth-based Energy Qualities


Geopathic Stress is the term assigned to sources of toxicity that come from radiations that are earth–based.(3) The surface of the earth is far from homogeneous, and there are places that enliven us, can create experiences of transformation and healing, and allow us to rest and recover, and locations that are detrimental to our health and should be treated with “prudent avoidance”.  These detrimental sources of energy qualities are scattered throughout most local environments, and routinely affect the energy qualities of our homes.   What happens under and around the home affects the residents, and if these sources are below the bed or in frequented areas of the home, there is more exposure and sleep and health can be affected.  Most home builders or buyers in the US do not do site assessments that include the energy qualities of the lot or land, and many homes are located on sites that are not conducive to the health of the occupants.  They are far more sophisticated about these phenomena in Europe and Asia, and systems of earth dowsing and Feng–Shui are used to assess the effect of the landscape on our health and well-being. Underground water courses, geological faults, and the earth grids are usually the source of these problems.  The figure below shows the grid systems (the Hartmann and Curry grid) running through a suburban backyard and shows how much it can influence any room in the home.  You can think of these grid lines as carriers of energy and information, both beneficial and detrimental, and transporters of energy qualities that originate from far-flung sources.


The energy qualities that move in these earth systems can affect the energy in any home or work environment.  If they are harmful, they can be detected and corrected, and home balancing addresses these phenomena.


There is one additional problem that arises in urban areas that is becoming more prevalent.  In many rural and wild landscapes, the earth grid system is mostly benevolent, that is, the energy qualities that move through the grid are supportive of health and balance.  In urban areas, there has been so much electropollution and use of the earth to ground electrical systems that the earth grid itself is beginning to carry toxicity from electrosmog.  In addition, there is often an interaction between the earth-based sources and the now prevalent atmospheric sources.  The energy qualities from these sources are carried through the grid, into all neighborhoods and homes, and affect the energy systems of the residents even more than the radiations from towers—primarily because they cross sleeping areas and produce prolonged exposures. Geopathic Stress is a very important source of stress to be corrected because without recovery during sleep, the body cannot rebalance itself.

Many homes are located on very beneficial landscapes and you can often immediately feel the contribution of the land to the energy quality of the home.  Since the human body is an extension of the earth energy system, we immediately respond to the quality of the space we inhabit and get pulled in whatever direction the environment dictates.


Products and Materials


From an energetic perspective, unless contaminated, natural materials always provide more aliveness and balance to our bodies.  Man-made materials of all kinds, from plastics to fabrics, are either fairly neutral or detrimental.  Certain types of granite are mildly radioactive, certain floor coverings can affect the body negatively, paints, sprays, wall coverings and many other common household items have an energetic signature that does not support health.   Building ‘green’ is becoming more popular as people discover that many materials and substances in their homes do not support their well-being.

One of the features of home energy balancing is to have each surface and material that is in the home be an emitter of a beneficial energy vibration.  These vibrations or energy qualities can serve to neutralize the toxic patterns in many substances and then transform the material into something that supports health.


Emotional Imprints


Whatever happens in an environment leaves an imprint.  If you have meditation space, a place where you pray, a healing environment, or a location where acts of love, compassion, or worship occur, these are spaces that are quite alive and balanced.  The activities that occur in an environment can contribute greatly to the quality of the space.  By the same token, environments full of death, trauma, hostility, or fear, when not balanced by positive qualities, can extract a toll on visitors and residents and alter the effect of that space on the body.  Locations where there has been a painful death, accidents, traumatic exposures, or negative emotional interactions for a long time will carry the memory of those experiences in the substrate of the home or land.  The clearing of those environments is an important part of reestablishing them as restorative living spaces.


The consciousness and intentions of the residents of a home or office make the biggest difference in maintaining the balance of an environment.  If you bless your home, create interactions that produce appreciation, gratitude, compassion, and love, you, in turn, place those energetic signatures on the space itself.  Like our own energy systems, environments have memories and retain the imprint of the activities that occur in them.


Harmonizing Environments


The vast literature on the creation and use of sacred sites educates us about what makes an environment a source of vital, balancing energies.  Environments are made sacred by the people that use or inhabit them, the types of interactions that occur there, and the qualities of energy in the sites themselves.  Any person that carries the intent to have balance in their lives and learns the tools to do so, attempts to create interactions with others that are respectful and caring, and treats their environment as if it were a part of their own energy system, will be creating a sacred site.  The core of home energy balancing work is the ability to create fields of vital coherent energy that have the capacity to transform and harmonize a living space into a more balanced state—to create a physical environment that interacts with the body through resonance and supports any attempts by the residents to be balanced and more vital.  To harmonize an environment is to have it alive and healthy enough to support any activities we do there that create balance.


Environments are like our physical bodies—they are energy systems, have levels of consciousness ranging from the physical to the spiritual, have energy flows around, through, and within them, and can be in a state of balance or imbalance.   The grid lines that run through an environment are like the meridians of our bodies, and like our own energy systems, there are centers of energy in a space that, when connected to, provide a source of balancing energy for the space.  Like our own bodies, environments are alive and continuously impacted by the energy qualities that come into it from outside sources.  The vitality of a space can be affected by impinging electromagnetic fields, by earth radiations coming up from the ground underneath it, by the emissions from the materials that make up the space, and by the behavior and attitudes of the residents.  Sometimes these factors vary over time, and, like our own bodies, can be in balance one day, and out of balance the next.  Like ourselves, environments require some constant source of beneficial energy to maintain health and well-being.


Many different sources of beneficial vibrations can impact the energy qualities in an environment.  Sound patterns, colors, light, natural objects and elements, shapes, and symbols can all be emitters of balancing energetic patterns.  Some provide momentary relief, some last for days or months, but, like our own energy system, all environments require revisiting and rebalancing to respond to the newest challenge to their state of health.  Mostly, harmonizing an environment requires sources of balancing energy to be present on the site, directly addressing the primary sources of toxicity, and strong and ubiquitous enough to provide balancing energy fields all throughout the home.


These energetic fields are created by specialized products and procedures developed from a number of different physical and spiritual sciences, including BioGeometry, radiesthesia, sympathetic vibrational physics, and the recording of spiritual blessings and prayers—allowing the transmission of these vibratory fields into environments. These methods involve introducing beneficial energy qualities into environments that either change the energetic vibration of the detrimental source and/or strengthen the energy system of the resident and lessen the impact of the toxin.  Examples of these products are the forms called “emitters” or “resonators”. These shapes have the capacity to produce harmonizing fields of energy that produce more aliveness in the space and the inhabitants, and can mitigate the effects of detrimental energies on the body.


There are many interesting applications of this work in the fields of environmental balancing, agriculture, health, architectural design, and spiritual development.  These applications include reducing/harmonizing the effects of electromagnetic radiations on the body; changing the impact of earth radiations in home environments; creating energy fields that will enhance the growth of agricultural crops and plants; balancing the energy systems of the body for healing and maintaining health; and creating the energy patterns of sacred power centers in home and work environments (see the articles in Resources) (4).  Research into these phenomena have yielded some fascinating insights into the nature of the energies involved in balancing biological systems and sustaining health in a world that is becoming more polluted and stressful.


There are several ways in which the harmonization of a home or work environment can proceed. The simplest and most rapid improvements can be done with the products that remove the most common sources of detrimental energy patterns – that is, to create a non-harmful environment – especially in the sleeping areas and places where the most time is spent.  For most homes, this would entail corrections in two biggest problem areas in homes—the electromagnetic fields (house wiring, wireless sources, phones, appliances, etc.), and correcting sources of detrimental energies that originate in the earth energy lines that cross the environment or deeper sources of toxic radiation that lie in the ground under the home.  Balancing these energy systems usually means finding them, assessing where they impact the home or residents the most, and placing correction/harmonizing devices in the energy flow so it changes the energy quality of the source.


The next level of home energy balancing is to create a strong positive and vital energy field in the home that continuously provides protection and sources of balance. This involves making as many of the materials as possible in the home environment an emitter of a balancing energy pattern. The energy patterns produced by emitters, resonators, and balancing procedures have their effects on all the planes or levels in any environment or biological system—that is, they affect not only the physical energies of the body or the space, but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels (5).  As the levels of these coherent and positive energies are raised in environments, not only are the detrimental aspects corrected or neutralized, they also help keep the body in balance; strengthen the immune system; and support a higher level of consciousness, spiritual connection, and positive mental states.  One’s home can be nurturing, restful, alive, and a place where you can replenish your energy and connect to your own Center.


Some of these procedures include:

  • The use of color placement and color qualities to increase the beneficial energy patterns in an environment;
  • The harmonizing of energetically significant features of the home like the land, doorways, sleeping areas, and power centers, and the study of energy flows through the home environment;
  • The use of resonators and energetic procedures that impregnate all the materials in a home with beneficial energy patterns—including the carpets, wall coverings, construction materials, tiles, floor coverings, electrical devices, art, furniture, etc.  The basic concept here is to have all aspects of your environment be a source of positive, beneficial energies.  This not only serves to neutralize all the detrimental intrusions that may impinge on a space, but also creates a strong coherent energy field that impacts the health of the inhabitants.  It makes your environment a sacred space.
  • This more advanced level of balancing your living spaces can be done for you by energy balancing practitioners or, it can be taught to you in the seminars offered by BioGeometry instructors. There is a level of depth and connection that comes when you condition your own space, track it, and maintain it with your own consciousness that is deeper than when it is done for you. But either way, the results are quite enlivening.


Michael Maley, Ph.D.  952 542 9480




  1. This figure is from B. Blake Levitt’s book Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumers Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves. An excellent review of the issues and research on the dangers of electropollution.
  2. There is a large and growing body of literature that discusses the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation on the body.
  3. The websites http://www.buildingbiology.net and http://www.createhealthyhomes.com  will give you this information.  The evidence for treating the negative effect of electrosmog with subtle energy interventions is growing as well. A recent study by Glen Rein—Effect of Dimensional Design Technology to Prevent Power Line Radiation Damage  http://www.safespaceprotection.com/index.htm and The Hemberg, Switzerland Project conducted by Dr. Ibrahim Karim http://www.bioGeometry.com are examples.
  4. There are many books and articles on Geopathic Stress.  The topic can certainly be Googled, or found in helpful books like Earth Radiation by Kathe Bachler; Geopathic Stress by Jane Thurnell-Read; or Ley Lines and Earth Energies by David Cowan and Chris Arnold.
  5. Articles on BioGeometry research and other applications of this approach can be found in the Resources page on the website.
  6. It is helpful if the corrections also contain and produce the full energy spectrum of the body, including the higher harmonics that the human body possesses.  Most of the emitters and resonators described in this work have such characteristics and thus support higher states of consciousness as well as physical well-being.  The energy signatures in the BG3 emitters are also the energy pattern of ancient sacred sites.