Products to Assist in Environmental Clearing & Creating BG3

The Energy Balancing Home Kits

The Home Kit is a collection of BioGeometry tools designed to correct detrimental energies in the home environment and in the major energy systems that run into and through the home — the earth grid lines, electrical circuits, and water flows. Some items (the Stand, Strips, and L-Stickers) can be purchased separately.


BioGeometry 3 cube Home SystemThe BioGeometry Home Kit

This 3 Cube System is significantly more powerful than earlier generations and functions to mitigate the effects of detrimental sources of radiation—geopathic stress and harmful grid lines; electrical systems; and environmental pollution of many kinds, as well as emit high levels of BG3 into the space. In this version of the Home Kit: (1) Two of the Cubes are designed to work with environmental stressors and one has been tuned to resonate to the body; and, (2) Additional shapes to resist impregnation have been added to the design. The Home Kit contains 3 Cubes, Electrical and Water Strips, and a Clearing Plate.

3 Cube Home Kit ($375.)        Add to Cart




BioGeometry 1 Cube Home KitThe Individual BioGeometry Home Kit Cube

The Single Cube Kit includes 1 newly designed Cube, 7 Electrical Strips; 2 Water Strips; and a Clearing Plate. This set is very helpful for the balancing of smaller spaces like single rooms or areas without partitions. The electrical strips are usually applied to the electrical systems of the home, appliances, and electronic devices.

For more extensive environmental balancing using the Cubes, the full set is recommended (see above). This full set of 3 cubes is far more powerful and mitigates the effects of many more environmental challenges. (Cube is 1 3/4” Square)

1 Cube Home Kit: ($199.)         Add to Cart




BioGeometry Corner Stand without dialThe BioGeometry Corner Stand (W/O Dial)

This is a smaller emitter designed for a single room or the dashboard of a car.

Height: 5 1/4″ ($49.)        Add to Cart









BioGeometry Electrical StripElectrical and Water Strips

These strips are designed to be placed on electrical cords, fuse boxes, electrical circuits, or water pipes to transmute the detrimental qualities that are carried in these energy flows. Two sizes, labeled E or W for electrical or water use.

Large Electrical ($9.00)          Add to Cart

Small Electrical ($8.00)       Add to Cart 



BioGeometry Water StripsLarge Water ($9.00)         Add to Cart

Small Water ($8.00)         Add to Cart








BioGeometry 66° Plastic stickersThe ‘L’ Stickers

These are the basic patented L shapes that provide an emission of BG3 into anything they are placed on. They are used routinely to clear many different kinds of products and materials and provide the BG3 to a host of different energy systems. They are adhesive backed, clear plastic, and come in two forms – the 90 degree angle for general use and the 66 degree angle for electromagnetic sources.

10 pairs 90 Degree ($35.)         Add to Cart  

                             10 pairs 66 Degree ($35.)         Add to Cart                 




BioGeometry Gold Charging TrayBioGeometry Clearing Plate

The Clearing Plate is designed to provide a BG3 emission to anything placed on it. Used to clear and/or charge items of jewelry, BioGeometry devices, drinks, food, and medications.

Plastic – 3 1/4” x 2 1/8” ($12.)         Add to Cart







BioGeometry Cell Phone StickerThe Cell Phone Sticker

The BioGeometry Cell Phone Energy Balancing Chip was developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim in Cairo Egypt, based on his research into the effects of geometric patterns on living energy fields. The cell phone chip works by balancing the user’s own energy body against detrimental effects from using the mobile phone. The principles and deeper applications of BioGeometry are explained in detail in the BioGeometry Foundation Training.

The chip can be attached directly to the mobile phone by peeling off the protective sheet on the back of the forms to expose the adhesive backing.

The chip has two BioSignature patterns on it, which help to balance the energy entering the head when using the cell phone. (BioSignatures are linear energy patterns, many of which are two-dimensional representations of vital energy flow patterns in the human energy body.) Place the chip on the back of the cell phone directly over the battery.

This is the BioGeometry tool used to transmute Cell Phone toxic energy. It is a sticker with a BioSignature pattern to be placed over the battery. Can be used with any electronic or wireless device that is held near the body. (the sticker is 7/16” x 5/16”). Comes with a clearing plate.

                   Metal: ($39.)               Add to Cart


BioGeometry BG Car StripBioGeometry Car Strips

The BioGeometry Car Strip includes selected BioSignatures and the new Wi-Fi L angle, in order to harmonize the effects of electro-stress in the car environment by superimposing the natural energy-balancing quality of BioGeometry and BioSignatures shapes into the electromagnetic fields inside the car.

Instructions for Use

The strip can be attached anywhere on the dashboard.  The strip should be swiped clear of any dust settled on it when one enters the car.  This should be repeated every couple of hours, if on a long trip.

Size: 1.5 cm x 8.5 cm   ($37.)  Add to Cart



BioGeometry BG L wifi stripBG Wifi Strips

The “L” Stickers superimpose the natural energy-balancing quality of BioGeometry onto electro-magnetic fields.  The “L” WiFi sticker is composed of an angle, which has been developed for WiFi Routers.  This harmonizes the interaction of those fields with the body’s energy structure, and Qualitative Environmental Energy Exchange Balance is maintained.

Instructions for Use

Remove the plastic covering from the adhesive on the back of the BioGeometry “L” shape and stick to a clean, dry surface anywhere on WiFi router.  The L WiFi sticker can also be applied to Smart Meters and other wireless devices in the home.

Two pairs: ($9.00)     Add to Cart




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