BioGeometry BG16 pendulum, smallThe BG16 Pendulum


This recently developed pendulum was designed to quickly assess levels of BG3 in environments, architectural designs, and to test the effects of balancing interventions.  It is both an emitter and a detector of BG3.  This is a required pendulum for the Foundation Training in BioGeometry.  (2 “)


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Biogeometry IKUP PendulumThe IKUP Pendulum

This pendulum emanates the BG3 from its tip and was specifically designed by Dr. Karim in a shape that creates geometric resonance with the seven spiritual planes.  Used as a pendulum or a necklace to put the emission into the wearers energy field.


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BioGeometry Djed Wadj wooden pendulum

The Djed-Wadj Pendulum


This classic BioGeometry pendulum is most often used as an emitter to project the BG3 from its tip into photographs and other witnesses. (4 3/4”)


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BioGeometry Horizontal, Vertical pendulums

BioGeometry Horizontal, Vertical Rods
The Horizontal and Vertical Pendulum Set


This pendulum set has replaced the Virtual Cone Pendulum as a way to measure the 12 universal energy qualities assessed in BioGeometry work.  Dr. Karim designed these pendulums.  They are more accurate than the Virtual Cone, easier to use, and separate the Vertical (detrimental) measurements from the Horizontal (beneficial) qualities.  Each set includes two rods that attach to the bottom of the pendulum to more accurately assess the presence of energy qualities associated with the Hartmann and Curry grid lines.  Instructions are included.

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Biogeometry Neutral Pendant


The Neutral Pendulum


The Neutral Pendulum is 1″ in size and constructed of Plexiglass, This pendulum is used for determining the personal wavelength.


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