Training Programs

There are many opportunities for learning the concepts and skills in BioGeometry.

Training with BioGeometry shapes

Levels of Training include: 

The Accredited Foundation Training in BioGeometry

The 3 Level Foundation Training Course is the first level of training in BioGeometry, and can lead to opportunities to do more advanced training and eventual certification as a Home Energy Balancing Practitioner.
Students are taught material from three major areas of study:
  • BioGeometry – its principles and applications to health and environmental wellness
  • Geomancy (Earth energies), and
  • Physical Radiesthesia
About the Foundation Training
This training is a highly experiential course that enables students to make substantial changes in the energies of their living and working environments, neutralize the effects of many of the environmental stressors that impact the body, and understand many ancient principles of energy balancing. The student will learn how to use measurement tools to evaluate environmental energy patterns, and how to use shapes, colors, sound, and movement to transform and balance environments, living spaces, and the body.  It will help you understand many principles of energy work, and learn something of the energy qualities that have been utilized in ancient spiritual practices and worked with on sacred sites.
The training offers the basic principles and concepts that underlie the applications of BioGeometry to architecture, agriculture, environmental balancing, and health, and will allow you to do advanced trainings with Dr. Ibrahim Karim. The Foundation Training course in BioGeometry is an affiliated training with BioGeometry Energy Systems, Ltd. of Cairo, Egypt.
Course Objectives
  1. To work with the primary energy systems of the human body, environments and living spaces, and the Earth, and by using shapes, colors, sound, and movement be able to transform those energy systems so they are more vital and balanced;
  2. To learn to work with the specific energy patterns associated with sacred sites and spiritual connections;
  3. To learn how to measure these energy patterns with the tools of     BioGeometry and Physical Radiesthesia;
  4. To be able to use these beneficial energy patterns to transform detrimental energies of many kinds, including geopathic stress, negative emotional imprints, and electropollution;
  5. To be able to assess the effects of these beneficial energies on the body and on your health, and;
  6. To develop your own energy system as a more sensitive detector of both  beneficial and detrimental energies.

The Three Levels of the Course

Level One: 

An introduction to BioGeometry and the fields of application of this interesting and ancient science. Students learn the key principles that make BioGeometry so effective, and are introduced to the energy systems that are present in natural and man-made environments. This first section provides a conceptual foundation for the practical applications taught in the next levels and introduces students to the basics of physical radiesthesia.
Level Two:
BioGeometry Energy Balancing and Analysis. Students will learn the physical radiesthesia techniques to measure and balance the vital energy qualities which affect human, animal, plant, and environmental wellness. Learn to work with the most important energy systems that affect environments; measure both beneficial and detrimental energies; balance environments; and create vital spaces.  This is an intensive experiential seminar learning the essential methods of BioGeometry and its applications.
Level Three:
Intermediate Energy Balancing: BioSignatures and Design Principles. Students will learn to evaluate the human energy field and learn to apply hundreds of energy balancing BioSignatures to specific imbalances in bodily systems. Level III also includes additional methods of creating beneficial energies through architectural design principles.
The Foundation Training is a 42 hour course.
The Advanced Training Program  
The advanced course includes some review and expansion of many of the topics covered in the foundation training; the use of a new tool – the human archetype ruler to assess energy levels of the body; more material on the use of shape, color, sound, direction, and blessings for Centering; principles for creating a balanced three dimensional environment; and the BioGeometry modular system for design.  In all of these areas we will focus on applications to our personal spaces, our living environments, and our bodily health.
Participant Testimonials
“I enjoyed this course very much. The presentations were clear, concise, and organized. There was plenty of time to practice skills in a relaxed, low key environment. The materials were beautiful.”
“This class was one of the most powerful, helpful, and transformational classes I’ve ever taken in my life!”
“This course is amazing.  I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in creating and living within a balanced and harmonious environment.  This takes Feng Shui to the next level.  It also ties ancient science to modern life, and sheds new light on ancient cultures.”
“This course has improved my life and my spaces at work and home. I’m much more aware of places that give to me and places I need to leave. I pay much more attention to my surroundings, and am able to adjust things where I can.”
“The courses complimented and enhanced my work in other spiritual and psychological disciplines.”
“This class opened the door to a clearer understanding of the energies in our environment and in our health.”

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