Who Uses BioGeometry?

Healers & Energy Workers, Acupuncturists, Psychologists, Nurses, Physicians:

A very important aspect of healers’ work is where they practice.  Healers of all types know that the qualities of the environment in which their work is done can powerfully influence the outcome.  Treatments can be made more effective in a balanced and Centered space, and the Foundation Training in BioGeometry can teach healers how to make their practice and home environments more vital and make a strong contribution to their healing interventions.

The energy systems of both the practitioner and client benefit from the Centering experience.  In a balanced environment, occupants become balanced, since they are interacting with a strong beneficial energy vibration.  Application of the BioSignatures (additional BioGeometrical shapes that resonate with the organs and functions of the body) supports all healing modalities and medical treatments.

Feng Shui Practitioners and Earth Healers:

Those who work with balancing environments and living spaces will find both the tools and procedures for balancing environments some of the most effective they have ever experienced.  The energy patterns produced by BioGeometrical shapes and devices can neutralize the detrimental effects of electropollution in the home as well as the negative effects of many forms of geopathic stress.  Residual or current negative emotional imprints can also be corrected.  The amount, distribution, and effectiveness of the Centering energy pattern used in BioGeometry can be easily assessed and the impact of their work evaluated.  BioGeometry shares many of the principles of other space balancing systems and adds some deep understandings of how to work with a number of the pervasive energy systems that surround us.

Architects, Interior Designers, and Real Estate Agents: 

Many of the foundational principles of BioGeometry evolved from an understanding of how shapes become emitters of energetic vibrations (the foundation of sacred geometry and sacred architecture); how these principles can be used in the design of homes, buildings, and interior spaces; and how environments can affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Those who work with creating, modifying, or exchanging environments can benefit by learning about the energy patterns that make spaces more alive and desirable to inhabit.  Negative spaces can often be corrected and the residents of these environments can make more frequent and much happier use of the space.

EMR Sensitives and Those Who Want Their Environment to be as Healthy as Possible:

For many people, certain environments carry energetic imprints that make the space almost impossible to tolerate – either because of some detrimental quality (like too much electropollution or geopathic stress) or because the environment carries a memory of events that have transpired in the past and have never been cleared.  The corrections that can be made with BioGeometry can often create a space that is not only tolerable, but highly desired – a space that is relaxing and vitalizing to be in and one that supports healing, recovery, and healthy lifestyle practices.  Environments can make a huge contribution to our own personal health.

Anyone Interested in Subtle Energy Studies:

One of the goals of training in BioGeometry is to develop the students’ ability to interact with the world of subtle energies – those vibrational qualities that lie outside the normal range of our sense perceptions but whose harmonics impact us deeply.  These courses provide an introduction to the science of radiesthesia and the measurement of energy qualities – the language of nature.  The concepts and practices taught in the Foundation Training begin to shape the energy bodies of the students to increase awareness of their environments; to learn about beneficial and detrimental qualities and their effects on the body; and to understand many of the principles of the ancient energy practices and sciences. BioGeometry offers a glimpse of the ‘old knowledge’ of the energetic world and its current evolution as the branch of science known as ‘sympathetic vibrational physics’.